Do you drive a truck to be able to move your harp around ?

No ! Although a big car is required with foldable back seats so the harp can be laid down, packed in a soft thick cover.

I bought my car after I took the harp to the showroom and checked if it fits. Simple as that!

Why different colours for the strings? What music you can play with a harp ?

The strings are different colours so the harpist can to recognise the notes - all the red strings are C and all the blue are F. The harpist can play many styles of music.

Is 10 lessons enough to learn that harp?

Although you will can start to make a lovely sound from the first lesson, and will be able to play a simple melody after a few lessons, the harp is one of the most difficult instruments.

What is the appropriate age to start playing the harp ?

The usual age to start playing is seven or eight years. Children habitually play a little Celtic harp, smaller in size and more affordable for their parents.

There is no upper age limit. As long as there is a desire to learn, you can use the instrument to relax after a long day or just to fill your free time with something different.

Can I buy a harp in Dubai ?

Hmm, that's interesting question - if you are lucky and one of the Dubai's little harpists are selling their instrument - you can, otherwise - you will need to order one from Italy, France, UK or the USA, drop me a line and I will help you find the right instrument.

What are the pedals for?

Each pedal is corresponds to a musical note - there are seven notes, and therefore seven pedals. Each pedal has three positions - upper for flat, middle for natural and lower - for sharp.

This means that we change the pitch with the pedals, very different from the piano.

By Lidia Stankulova