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    Concerts, weddings, TV shows and other events are the best ways to promote harp music.
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    With a strong university background, Lidia has been performing as a professional harpist since 2004.

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Welcome to Lidia Harp !

Harpist Musician in Dubai

Being a harp player is much more than a passion for me…it’s a way of life. From Bulgaria to Dubai, over the years I have shared my love of harp music with hundreds of people. I hope that as you browse my website, you will enjoy the same feeling of passion that I have for this beautiful instrument.

In addition to information about myself, what you’ll also find are beautiful articles on harp music and hopefully an insight into what it feels like to be a harpist and musician in Dubai.

Harpist performances

Trained by some of the greatest Bulgarian harpists of their time, I have been performing as a professional harpist for many years.

From large public to intimate private events, the harp has the power to make each and every event truly unique. This beautiful instrument has a wonderful way of lifting the atmosphere and really taking it to the next level.

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